COMING SOON – The Last Navigator

The ancient history of whales is rich with ancestral tales of superior wisdom, prehistoric tradition, and unending love. Through haunting songs and fluid dances, stories were told of the valor of warriors, the triumph of great chiefs, and the celestial songs of a mythical tribe of whales—the Navigators.

As a young female whale just coming of age, Lani finds herself daydreaming: not about the local boys, like her best friend, Prissy, but about the myth of the Navigators. When a new comer arrives at the islands and rumors spread about his connection with the Navigators, her imagination ran wild with possibilities. Against the will of her elders, Lani seeks out this new comer in an attempt to satisfy her inquisitive mind. What she finds is more than she ever bargained for. Breaking tradition, she leaves behind her duties as a female, her friends, and her family, and sets out on a quest for knowledge and truth. Along her journey, Lani discovers more than just the mystery of the Navigators. As lifelong family secrets are exposed, she makes unexpected—and unlikely—friends, experiences the pains of loss and faces the fear of death. Through her trials and tribulations, Lani discovers herself, finds her strength, and changes the history of whales forevermore.

A story of strength, self-discovery, love, and legacy, The Last Navigator resonates with anyone who has, or ever wanted to, know more and be more in life. It speaks to the hearts of young and old, inspiring us to be true to our heart’s desires and follow our dreams.


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