Sneak Peek – An Exclusive Excerpt from The Last Navigator

So here’s a first look at my unpublished (copyrighted) novel, The Last Navigator. It’s only a sneak peak but if you like it, I would love for you to comment on it, tweet it (#TheLastNavigator) and share it with your friends and families.

The ancient history of whales goes back long before my time, even longer before your time. A history so beautiful it is difficult at best to put into words. Haunting songs and fluid dances told tales of unbelievable valor, superior wisdom, unending love, and prehistoric tradition. Ancient warriors were depicted in valiant displays of twists and turns that brought pride into the hearts of young and old. Songs of rich and deep tones awakened in the soul the memories of our ancestors, brave and noble. In the warm waters near the islands the elders would perform these songs and dances to teach the young and remind the old of our ancestral legacy. The history of my kind, like others, was passed on to me when I was young – a long, long time ago.

Rising in the eastern sky and setting gloriously in the west, the days pass by more slowly now. Time seems to be warped, in a perpetual pattern of night and day, dark and light. My years of adventure have long since left me in my advancing age. Now I’m left with my memories, left to reminisce a time that was faster, more exciting, exhilarating.

I was young once upon a time, although it may be difficult to imagine now that time has taken its inevitable toll on me. I was vibrant with a courageous curiosity, an insatiable imagination. My youth was a whir of excitement, adventure, love, discovery, and learning. My mind was very much like a sponge, absorbing as much information as was possible. Each day, I enlivened my senses with all that was around me. Colors seemed more colorful, sounds seemed sweeter. The sun would peak above the water’s surface, fiery reds and oranges melting into passionate pinks and purples, and blending seamlessly into the blue of the dawning day sky. My youth was my morning, as I was just dawning in my life. Oh, the tales I could tell you! There are so many I hardly have time left in my old age to tell them all. There’s one, in particular, though that I want to tell you before my time in this place is through.

It was in the warm, deep blue waters near the islands that I first heard of them – the Navigators, that is. During one of the historical performances of the elders’ I heard something that caught my attention. They sang an enchanting song of knowledge and courage, of a legacy of whales who had wisdom far beyond their years. The elders’ song soon transitioned into a vivid description of how these whales would guide stranded travelers to their destinations. My heart leaped with excitement as the elders explained that the Navigators could communicate with the stars through songs that only a Navigator can know. As I told you, my imagination was insatiable. These songs would echo in the night sky, all the way into the heavens, and the stars would answer by leading the way to land. Though these whales seemed to be timeless, the Navigators were a tradition that had long since faded away as times changed and travelers no longer needed assistance due to gadgets on their ships that guided them.

That’s it for now… As I said before, please comment and share and ask questions, etc. I look forward to hearing from you and getting The Last Navigator published and out for your enjoyment very, very soon!

Until next time…

J. G. McNease


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