The Last Navigator: Excerpt 3

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And another exclusive excerpt…

Hello all and happy Monday! I am still awaiting the suggestions from my editor so that I can make the final edits and get The Last Navigator published before the end of the month (and that deadline is getting closer and closer). In the meantime, please enjoy another exclusive excerpt from The Last Navigator. If you haven’t read the first two excerpts, you can find them here: Excerpt #1 and Excerpt #2. This excerpt is the beginning of Chapter Two, so please enjoy, share, and comment to your heart’s content!


Excerpt #3

Even if Prissy didn’t want to find out if the Navigators were still around, I sure wasn’t going to let her lack of interest stop me from investigating. When I finally had a chance to be by myself, I swam off to find one of the elders. Maybe they could tell me something, anything about the Navigators that would help me on my quest.

When I got back to our cove, I was in luck because one of the elders just happened to be speaking with Mother as I swam up. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. When the elder, named Kai, had finished speaking with Mother and began to swim away, I hurriedly caught up with him and cleared my throat.

“Mr. Kai,” I said, timidly, as we are not supposed to speak with the elders unless we’re spoken to. He turned toward me and simply looked at me. I wasn’t sure if I should just apologize and swim away but right as I was about to do just that, he said, “Yes, Lani. I had a feeling you would like to speak with me about something. I was just speaking with your mother about your interest in the Navigators.”

I was shocked that he already knew what I wanted to talk about. I was even more shocked that he took the time to speak to me, since I had always been taught never to speak to an elder unless the elder speaks first.

“Y-yes, uh, I am a bit curious about them,” I said nervously. I was shaking, I was so nervous. “Are the Navigators r-real?” I stuttered.

“I am glad for your curiosity and eagerness to learn about your history, Lani. There are certain things that you will learn more about, and others that will remain only a myth and legend to you,” explained Kai. “The Navigators are in the latter category. You need not worry yourself with such things. It is not your place.”

With that, he nodded and turned to swim away. I wanted to say more, ask more, but it would have been extremely disrespectful to question an elder, especially Kai, for he was the oldest, wisest elder.

I’m sure that his intent was to put out the fire burning in my imagination but instead all he did was fan the flames. I was even more curious now. My appetite for knowledge, for the unknown, was insatiable at this point. I absolutely had to know more about this legend of the Navigators. What did Kai mean when he said “It is not your place”? And why did he say that the Navigators would remain only a legend to me? Does that mean that others would learn more about them but not me? I had so many questions.

One afternoon, when Mother was just returning home from a swim with some of the other mothers from neighboring pods, I could no longer contain all of the questions that had been swimming around in my head for days.

I came right out and asked her, “What did Kai talk to you about the other day when he was over?”

She replied in a gentle, soothing tone, just as she always does, “He was concerned about you, honey. He heard some rumors and wanted to confirm with me that they were untrue. I, of course, told him that you and Prissy had been interested in the same boy and that it must have been an argument, that’s all.”

I began to get angry. Not at Mother, of course, but at the fact that even she thinks I’m only interested in boys and silly games. I was also angry with Prissy for being a snitch. We didn’t have an argument at all. She thought I was silly, just like everyone else does. And she had the nerve to go and talk about me behind my back.


I hope you enjoyed reading the first part of Chapter Two as much as I enjoyed writing it! I’ll be posting the rest of Chapter Two in next week’s excerpt along with another progress report. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@JGMcNease) and Facebook (

Until next time…

J. G. McNease


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