New and Newsworthy: Guest Posts, Novellas, and Freebies

Newsworthy Items

  • I recently wrote a blog post for on setting goals as a writer and a self-publisher. It’s posted and out there for the world to read today so go check out my post called The Art of Setting Goals: It’s Not Always “Go Big or Go Home”.
  • If you have topics you would like for me to write about, give me a shout out on my comments or on Facebook and/or Twitter. I’m always looking for new ideas and writing topics so feel free to make requests!
  • I’m working on yet another project… I can’t disclose the title yet but it is probably going to be a novella that is based on a true story. Get excited!
  • It’s hot in Florida and it’s only June! Beat the heat by the pool and read The Last Navigator [Kindle Edition]. If you like it, please write a review. It doesn’t have to be long, but I would greatly appreciate it!
  • I am having a Fourth of July Freebie event on July 3-4 which means that The Last Navigator will be absolutely free for 2 whole days! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to download The Last Navigator for free. Put it in your calendars, write it on a Post-It note, tell your friends! It’s a mid-summer treat!

As always, thank you all for the love and support. I look forward to being able to provide you with more books, more blog posts, and more entertainment in the future.

The Last Navigator

The Last Navigator
Available on

Help me reach my June goal of at least ten (that’s 10, not 9, not 11, but 10) downloads of The Last Navigator! And don’t forget to write a review!

Until next time…

J. G. McNease


6 comments on “New and Newsworthy: Guest Posts, Novellas, and Freebies

  1. I just finished reading your article in The Book Designer and I just had to leave you a comment about how much I enjoyed it and how I related to it. Excellent points and I especially liked the final paragraph where you espouse your new (more realistic?) goals of having ten book sales in June, etc. I, too, recently published my first novel in April. My goal is to have my book in a public library some day for someone to find and enjoy. That’s it. That has been my goal since I was 7 yrs old. However, now that I have actually published my book and received some good reviews, I’m having how to learn how to get it into a library. LOL Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your article was quite good and very useful to me. I finally created a website, but am waiting for my technical helper to show me how to add the photos I want.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for the comment! I’m so glad that you found it helpful. I hope you can accomplish your goal of getting your book into a library. That’s an awesome goal to have! Congrats on publishing your first book and good luck with everything!
      – J. G. McNease

  2. Appreciated the advice in your posts on the Book Designer. Although a good bit older than you, I dream of publishing my memoir and have two possible historical fiction works noodling around in my mind. Your suggestions to start small with goals is a good one, one I need to practice daily! In addition to my writing blog, Healing by Writing, I also review books at Found Between the Covers. If you’d like to send me a .MOBI file, I’d love to read and share a review with my followers. Think about it. 🙂

    • Sherrey,

      Thank you for the comment and for the offer to review my book. Good luck with your memoir and historical fiction works. I hope you will be able to accomplish your dream of publishing.

      Thanks again,
      J. G. McNease

  3. Thank you for the article on The Book Designer. It was an honest account that all the hard work that goes into getting a book online is no guarantee of it becoming a best-seller (darn it!). I’m looking forward to more of your posts (I really enjoyed your Scrivener posts as well)

    • Stephen,

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed my article on The Book Designer. It was a great opportunity for me to share my own experiences with other authors or aspiring authors. It’s true that getting a book out there for the world to buy doesn’t necessarily mean that book will become a best seller. It’s a hard reality for sure. I’m also glad that you liked the Scrivener posts. I was so elated to find Scrivener that I wanted to share it with others. It saved me a lot of hard work and headaches over formatting and I hope that others can experience the relief that I felt when I was able to compile and it worked almost perfectly the first time. It seems to be much easier than doing it in Word and saving it as an HTML file.
      Thanks for the comment!
      – J. G. McNease

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