It’s Things Like This…

It’s things like this that make it all worth while. I always wanted to make a difference in the world one day, which is why I pursued a career in social work. I never expected to be making a difference through my writing rather than through social work, though. Life is funny that way.

I received an email in my inbox today about my guest blog post on The Book Designer, The Art of Setting Goals: It’s Not Always “Go Big or Go Home”. The email simply said this:

Just received this in my email about your article, wanted to pass it along:

“This is my favorite article from The Book Designer so far! I needed to hear this message. Thanks.”

It’s the little things like this that make me feel like I’m doing what I always dreamed of doing. Maybe I’m not doing it in the way I imagined but I’m still able to make a difference. I may not be a best selling author but by touching at least one person with my story, I feel successful. I had a lengthy discussion with my husband yesterday about my slow sales and he had to remind me again that I’ve already done more than I ever imagined. Take-away lesson: success doesn’t always come in the same packaging. It may be big with a bright red bow on top or it may be a small, plain cardboard box. No matter what packaging your success comes in, big or small, be sure to celebrate your accomplishment.

If you’d like to read The Art of Setting Goals: It’s Not Always “Go Big or Go Home” at The Book Designer, click the link below.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Father’s Day and a nice weekend.

Until next time…

J. G. McNease


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