It’s Been A Month!

On May 29th, 2013, I uploaded my final file to Amazon Kindle Direct publishing and hit “Submit”. In a matter of hours, all of the hard work of writing, editing, and formatting paid off when I did a search for The Last Navigator and it showed up on Amazon. I immediately took a picture with my phone and sent it to my husband and my parents. It hadn’t truly hit me yet that I was a published author.



Now it’s been one whole month since that glorious day and I have written two guest blog posts (“J. G. McNease’s Debut Book” and “The Art of Setting Goals: It’s Not Always ‘Go Big or Go Home’“), gotten two 5-star reviews on Amazon, met and exceeded my selling goals, scheduled a freebie event (set for July 3rd and July 4th), and I am now working on formatting The Last Navigator for publishing in print. Just a month ago I was just an aspiring writer. Now, I’m a published independent author! I managed to do it all on a tight budget and working a full time day job.

My advice to all aspiring authors out there is this: don’t let your circumstances get you down… You can always find a way to accomplish your dreams!


Until next time…

J. G. McNease


4 comments on “It’s Been A Month!

  1. Congrats on your accomplishment! You are indeed a published indie author! I know how you feel. When I published my first book in April, I did the eBook and print version at the same time and it was exhilarating. Getting those 5-star reviews on Amazon is the best feeling, too. Because I work full-time as well, I use a vendor to do the conversion process for me (ePUB for B&N and Kobo; Mobi for Kindle; and PDF for print version) and that way my books are out there in all the formats. But, he couldn’t get my book in the Apple iBookstore because he doesn’t use a Mac. But, I’m an Apple products junkie, so I had to do it myself. Seeing my book in the iTunes store was the cherry on top of my first-published-book cake! LOL

    • Jennifer,
      I definitely understand using a vendor for the conversion. I didn’t do that and it was a lot of work on my part to get it formatted properly. Still, it was amazing to see my hard work come to fruition. How are your print book sales? I am working on publishing The Last Navigator in print with Createspace as the printer. I’m hoping that it truly is free if you do everything yourself because I’m going the DIY route for that reason. I’m not trying to spend a bunch of money on printing because 1) I don’t have a bunch to spend, and 2) I am not sure how my sales will be. Good luck with your book and thanks for the comment!
      – J. G. McNease

  2. I use CreateSpace for my POD distributor and I like them a lot. First of all, they’re an Amazon company, so my print version and eBook version went “live” at the same time, which was exciting. The eBook sells more than the print version, but many of my friends, colleagues, and family wanted signed copies of the physical book. So, I ordered the books (at a discounted price because I’m the publisher) and I sold them to people who wanted signed copies (except family members got theirs free…LOL). CreateSpace is truly free for DIY, but I’m sure you’ll want physical copies of your books. Also, some book review people want a physical copy of the book before they’ll agree to review your book, but the cost for you as the publisher will be minimal. I’m getting ready to attend my very first writer’s conference, and the director told me to bring books to sell in their bookstore and extra copies to give away to prospective agents and/or publishers. I decided I’m only taking 20 copies because I’m not looking for a traditional publisher since I formed my own company to do that task, and I’d much rather give those prospects my author business card (which I designed myself and am very proud that I did it myself) rather than lots of free books. I’m going to post pics on my blog when it’s over, though, so check my website under blog tab after July 15th at

    • Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for the reply and all of this valuable information. It makes me even more excited to use CreateSpace now that I know another fellow independent author has used them successfully. I’ve been looking into writing conferences as well and I am anxious to see how everything goes for you in a few weeks. Good luck!
      – J. G. McNease

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